Vim and Rails

I do almost all my development using vim/gvim. Vim is great. Yes, I have tried IDEs, and will use Eclipse when doing some java work. Ever since I started developing in Rails though, it has been me and vim.

I see lots of posts with rails code. Many of them are from Textmate, a Mac text editor, and the VibrantInk color scheme looks great. I already use rails.vim which is a great plugin by Tim Pope for rails development. He has also released a color scheme based on VibrantInk called vividchalk. There is another VibrantInk port for vim oddly enough called vibrantink.vim. Both are really good, but I use the vibrantink.vim color scheme getter for couple of reasons. One, it looks better in console vim. Two, the italics in vividchalk through me off.

Here is a screenshot from flicker with a comparison of the 3 made by Jo Vermeulen, the guy who made vibrantink.vim