Merb Notes

Since my last post, I have been looking more and more at Merb. Just some random notes

  • Looks like Merb 0.9.2 got some fcgi love. That is what I want to try to replace rails on my shared host.

  • Get on IRC if you need help – Really, IRC.

  • If you can’t stay on IRC, go to for a log

  • Use these sake tasks if you are running the latest. sudo sake merb:update merb:install will update core, more and plugins

  • merb-rspec is no longer in plugins, but included in core

  • Watch this from Confreaks. Worth the investment.

  • Most tutorials and articles are dated. This one helped though.

Looking forward to more from merb….

UPDATE: Having some trouble with typo’s caching. Going to repost this article.