Cruisecontrolrb, Git and Rails 2.1

I really love cruisecontrol.rb in a team environment.  The ability to run tests against every commit is great, and it is such fun being the “build police”.

Excuse me sir, can I see your license to commit please?

We can have some fun with that one.

This license expired just before the dotcom bubble

You have a languague restriction here that says you can commit only while wearing

I need to see some proof of build collision insurance.

But I digress. Sorry, back to the program.

As rails grows, I have some questions.

  1. Where the heck is code for cruise control?

  2. Can I use git?

  3. Will it run against rails 2.1 since I am security conscience and have updated after the recent warnings and threats?

Let’s do some research.  The code used to be at rubyforge. Looks like the code is still there. However, according to this post, they are moving to github. The link in that post has an extra *, but sure enough, you can find cruisecontrol.rb at Cool, now I know where to get it.

What about git support?  A google search, turns up benburkert’s github branch. Looks promising. Searching git hub for cruisecontrol.rb shows several forks, but these are all from rubyforge git.  I want it straight from thoughtworks.  Digging a little in the code shows it is already in the thoughtworks master.  There is even a mercurial adapter.  Let’s give it a try. Sure enough, it works just fine with

cruise add projectname -r file:///home/me/src/gitproject -s git


cruise help add

for all the options.

Great, 2 for 2.  Now what about support for Rails 2.1?  Unfortunately, it is not there. Cruisecontrol.rb currently runs with rails 1.2.3, and a simple version change in environment.rb doesn’t fix it. (Didn’t figure it would but I had to try it right?)  For all of us who have updated to ruby 1.8.7, we are stuck for now. Ruby 1.8.7 only runs rails 2.1. My last post about multiple version of ruby doesn’t really help either.

I did find this post answered by the team about porting cruisecontrol to merb. That sounds interesting indeed.

Until then, who is working on a rails 2.1 version of cruisecontrol.rb?