Back to Java

All good things must come to an end.  After doing Ruby development professionally for almost 2 years, I decided to change jobs and went back to my Java roots.

So I would like to detail some of the things I have missed noticed in the couple of months I have been back.

Productivity, everything just seems to take longer with Java.  Maybe I am just rusty, or maybe is the a combination of some of the other things listed here

Convention, there are too many choices I have to make and too many things I have to decide that distract me from writing the code.  Before I went to Ruby, I was an ant guy.  Now I am using maven and I think I like it.  The out of the box convention just feels better.  Still not sure about the dependency management though

Not needing an IDE, Vim and I have been friends for a long time and our friendship grew during my time as a Ruby developer.  Now that I am back to Java, I keep getting pulled toward an IDE again.  I used eclipse in the past, but I thinking I will go with IntelliJ.

Libraries, I forgot how many libraries there are.  It is nice to have a choice, but it sure adds time.

BDD/TDD, takes a lot longer.  I keep preaching, but it takes so much more effort the by in is just not there.

IRB, wow do I miss you.

Class Design is certainly different(better?)  I think part if it come trying to make to make things more testable and part of it comes from more focus on the DRY principle.

I’ll post more comments as I go.  Be on the lookout for Grails posts, as I just started rewriting a rest service with it.