Groovy Plugin Patch for Running Grails 1.1 Beta2 on Intellij 8.0.1

My last attempt at running Grails 1.1 beta2 on IntelliJ 8.0.1 didn’t work out so well. I ran the EAP version for a while, but had some issues building grails itself, specifically trying to run unit tests.

So, I did some digging through the bug tracker and subversion for the plugin. I also spent some time learning about IntelliJ plugins and reading newsgroups about what others have tried. The result is a patched version of the plugin that seems to be working. Here is the file if you want to try it. Unzip and replace the contents in your INTELLIJ_HOME/plugins/Groovy directory. Again, use at your own risk and backup your existing plugins/Groovy directory.

If you are interested, here are the details.

  • Running on a Mac with java 1.5

  • Check out code from

  • Revert back to revision 21543. 21544 breaks something. Revision 21538 fixed the initial issue I saw, where the grails-1.1-beta2 library was not recognized, as reported in GRVY-1933.

  • Add in revision 21697, which fixes GRVY-1943 so the app can run.

  • Setup IntelliJ 8.0.1 build 9164 with the dev package

  • Configure IntelliJ to build the plugin. These instructions helped. Groovy module configured to use Groovy-1.6_RC1. RT module configured to use groovy-1.5.7, cause 1.6 didn’t work.

  • Build grammer with ant task, run Make and then run ‘Prepare All Plugin Modules for Deployment’.

  • Shutdown IntelliJ.

  • Remove INTELLIJ_HOME/plugins/Groovy directory. Unzip in INTELLIJ_HOME/plugins directory


  • Restart IntelliJ

Hope it works for you and Happy New Year.