Accessing CLI Args and Java System Properties From a Grails Script

Quick post so I can remember how to access CLI args and Java system properties inside of a grails script.

Put this following code inside of your_grails_app/scripts/ScriptTest.groovy

target ( default : 'Print args and java system properties' ) {
    //grails script-test arg1 arg2
    println "Grails CLI args"

    //grails -Dprop1anything script-test
    println "Java system properties of prop1"

So now you can run the following ` $grails -Dprop1=anything script-test arg1 arg2 Welcome to Grails 1.1.1 – Licensed under Apache Standard License 2.0 Grails home is set to: /Library/Grails/Home

Base Directory: /Users/mjwall/src/sample1 Running script /Users/mjwall/src/sample1/ScriptTest.groovy Grails CLI args arg1 arg2 Java system properties of prop1 anything `